This is the first loudspeaker in the Accolade range,
the Model 1. This utilises a paper cone bass unit in a
reflex loaded cabinet along with a 2.5" BMR. Using
such a device means that the crossover frequency can
be lowered drastically to a mere 700 Hz as opposed to
3000Hz in a conventional speaker. For more information
on how a BMR works, please click on and read on.

The cabinet is made from ARCOLAM which is made in
house as is everything else. The full technical specs are below.


Size:                300mm tall, 160mm wide, 225mm deep.
Drivers:             Paper cone bass driver, 2.5" BMR.
Cabinet:            Rear ported reflex made from ARCOLAM and Bi-wirable.
Weight per pair: 10 Kilos/ 22 Lbs including packaging.
Sensitivity:        87dB @ 2.8 volts @ 1 metre.
Impedance:       8 ohms nominal.
Price:               £720.00 per pair through retailers.
Finishes:          Real Oak, Beech or Cherry veneers.
Guarantee:       12 months parts and labour.


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