Company History

Arcaydis was formed in 1997 by a British engineer Richard Allen.  Richard had worked his way up the audio industry, including a period designing for the acclaimed British pro-audio company Celestion. Eventually, his path led him to start Arcaydis, with the aim of bringing quality compact speakers to the then booming HiFi market. The first Arcaydis model produced was the DM1 which was well received and was soon followed by the EB1 and EB2 sold under the ‘EB Acoustics’ name.  5 star reviews from leading magazines helped establish Arcaydis on the road to success.  A version of the ever-popular LS3/5A was produced and plans made for an active, digitally linked speaker were laid down.

Arcaydis was perhaps somewhat ahead of it’s time in only offering its products for direct sale. This kept the prices down, but did mean customers had to take a leap of faith and buy the product un-heard, but they did buy and many customers were delighted with their new speakers.

Everything looked good, a full order book and great reviews, a classic success story.

Growing pains:

Richard was effectively trying to run the business single-handed. Due to a variety of personal and health issues, deliveries began to slip. Despite good intentions, it was soon not possible for Richard to deliver and customers became justifiably frustrated. By late 2013, the company had effectively ceased trading. The forums which had previously been full of praise, began to turn against Richard and Arcaydis.

What Arcaydis did right was to produce a solid, quality British-made product at a good price. What Arcaydis did wrong was fail to scale, to meet demand, and fail to deliver. The internet-age simply does not tolerate slow delivery. If something is sold, it has to be in-stock and ready to ship.


We had taken our eye off Arcaydis some years ago, so when in 2016 it came to our attention that the old premises were being cleared, we decided to find out exactly what had become of the company.

Arcaydis had too good a product and too good a brand to be allowed to simply die. The old company was beyond saving, but the designs were still available and the product still in demand. it did not take long to find Richard and enlist his support for the re-launch. For various reasons, Richard is not part of the new company, but we had his support and technical input on the designs, to ensure that the new builds are an exact replica of the first.

Both the owners have extensive experience of running customer-driven businesses. Robin has been a key player as Technical Director of a leading pro-audio and MI company here in the UK, delivering British made pro-audio solutions to thousands of customers world-wide. Customer service and same-day-shipping are a key part of the success of that business and the forums are full of praise for “exceptional customer support”.  James too has worked for many years managing a service and support operation for global customers in an industrial software company where downtime can cost millions.

We feel that the combination of on-time delivery, first class customer support and an excellent British built product will still find a place in today’s market.  It will take some time to heal the wounds left by the demise of the old Arcaydis, but we feel the future is there for the brand, if we can give it the support it needs.

Who we are:

Arcaydis Audio Limited is a family firm owned by two brothers.

Robin Szemeti: A degree in Electronics from Hull University, followed by 15 years as an electronics engineer with the BBC equipped Robin with the technical skills. Leaving the BBC in 1999, Robin has run a successful software business and for the last 6 years has been involved at various levels with a leading UK based pro-audio company, and currently serves as Technical Director.

James Szemeti: An Hons degree in Electronic Systems Control Engineering, Time served electronics engineer, project engineer and die-hard British hifi fan, jumped at the chance to invest and save (what was becoming) a great British Brand.