Information for people who ordered from the previous owner


When we resurrected the “Arcaydis” brand, we were aware that the previous owner had left some customers without the speakers they had been promised. While we are a new company and unconnected with the previous owners and legally have no responsibility for these promises, we would like to “do the right thing” and put matters right.

Here’s what we propose:

Firstly: anyone who paid a 10% deposit to Mr Allen, and did not receive speakers, we will honour those deposits in full if they wish to go ahead and order.  Sadly, we cannot offer refunds of those deposits.

Secondly: the big problem is we do not have an accurate list of who is owed a set of speakers, we simply do not know the full extent of the problem … we believe Mr Allen cleared up some of the outstanding, maybe others he did not. We’ve located one guy in Eastern Europe, however we expect there are others.  We are asking that anyone with an outstanding claim email us at and we will assemble a list and verify your details. When we know the size of the problem, then we can work out what we can do to address it. Obviously it has to be something that is viable for us, and we do not have a bottomless pit of money to do this, but we will try and “do the right thing”. This is not an open ended process, we are leaving the list open until the 30th of April 2017, at which point we will contact people with a proposal, the exact nature of which will based on available funds to clear this up and the number of outstanding items.

We hope people will think that is a fair proposal, and for the avoidance of doubt, we do stress this is a gesture of goodwill and we cannot accept legal responsibility for the steaming mess left behind by the previous encumbent.

Our core principle is simple, we stock what we sell and we sell what we stock.  No deposits, no pre-payments, no “pay now and I’ll start to make them” … we have stock available, it can go out same day. If it is not in stock, you can’t order it. Simple.

[The above is from a post we placed on the WhatHiFi forum]