EB1S update. A few months back the EB1S scored well in a shoot out competition against the likes of Dynaudio’s Emit M20 at £599, in all areas except sound, where we had a rather disappointing 3 stars. Since then, we have done a lot of work and further testing which resulted in some fairly major changes to the crossover. We are very happy with the results which in blind testing are immediately obvious: increases in efficiency, depth of sound stage and resolution, nuances previously hidden are now apparent, instruments finely placed in the sound field, bass is tighter but plentiful and balanced with the mids and top. All EB1S post July Sept 2017 benefit from this update.

Customers who have the older version get this for free whilst under warranty.
The last part of this update is that we have been able to upscale production, allowing us to negotiate better pricing with our suppliers, which in turn, means we have been able to reduce the price from £599 to £499, so good news all round!

The EB1S is a compact, ported loudspeaker designed by Richard Allen.  The EB1S achieves excellent clarity and an immediately convincing sound-stage through the use of a composite construction of the cabinet. By combining different grades and thicknesses of board, we are able to produce a cabinet that has low-colouration of the sound and minimal panel resonances, yet is not completely “dead” and lifeless. The result is a pleasing and capable speaker that has won 5-star reviews and considerable praise from owners.


  • Dimensions:          310mm tall, 170mm wide, 250mm deep. (264mm with grille).
  • Sensitivity:            86dB @ 2.8 volts @ 1 metre measured with pink noise.
  • Impedance:            8 ohms nominal. 5.9 ohms minimum.
  • Drive Units:           130mm paper cone bass/mid. 28mm silk dome tweeter.
  • Frequency range:  Useable from 45Hz to 20000Hz.
  • Connections:         Gold plated Bi-wire terminals.
  • Colours:                 Natural, Black Oak Veneers and White .


DSCF1444     DSCF1443     DSCF1442

Available in our shop at an introductory price of £499.00